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For forming the foundation of developing towards harmony in intellectuality, physical fitness and mentality, students in Peace International School will participate in two pathways, Primary National Program and Cambridge Primary program.

National Primary program:

The school renovates the active and student-centered teaching methods to equip students with basic knowledge systems. In addition, they will take part in life skills class that develops personality development skills, promotes creative self-assurance, and stimulates the passion for learning.


Cambridge Primary program focus on two contents:

1. Cambridge English Program: With 100% studying time with native teachers who are dedicated, experienced and proficient in the use of technology in teaching, students are equipped with English foundation and thinking. After completing primary education, they are expected to achieve the YLE English Certificate (Starters, Movers, and Flyers) which creates a solid buffer in the international integration.

2. Subjects in English: The program is designed to help students get familiar with studying Computer Science and Music in English and create the habit of using this language in two basic subjects.

The primary curriculum organizes a wide range of experiential activities in all subjects. students will study and visit outside reality every month. They will take part in English classes at restaurants, village tour, shopping centers, etc connected with real life situations. Also, they will visit the process of growing and tending plants, planting and caring for, learning how to draw and music in a context, external space, etc. Students get real experience, acquire knowledge actively and effectively.

With the motto "Happy School - Teaching and Learning with happiness", Peace International School always organizes the classrooms in an integrated way, creates a lively atmosphere to help students get knowledge.