PIS Talent Program

09:47 | 27-07-2017 1166 lượt xem

PEACE Talent Development Program was created with the goal of accomplishing the mission of "Perceive Endowments, Advance Creativity and Excellence" to help improve the skills needed for global citizens as well as to stimulate the excitement and passion to develop individual talents. This program is seamlessly integrated with the National Program by MOET and the Cambridge English Program.

Practical Experience and Career Guidance Activities

This is a hands-on experience activity integrating with each topic from course subjects that helps students apply the knowledge they have learned in class, the context experiences, the textbook situation. Thereby, they will inculcate knowledge better and build up their own learning methods that are suitable for themselves. With the teaching method attached to reality - the school's experience travel program will bring the values: RESPONSIBLE - DYNAMIC - CREATIVE - EFFICIENT - SUCCESSFUL, at the same time, inspire students to orient their future careers.

Optional Foreign Language Learning

In addition to English, the school also offers optional foreign languages: French, Japanese and Korean according to student’s registering and studying abroad consultancy.

PEACE Talent Development

Peace talents development creates an ideal environment for members to share and discover new and interesting things in many fields of interest to them: Art, Painting, Music, Engraving, Sports and other soft skills.
The program is organized with the guidance of professional trainers aiming to give them a useful and practical playground, ensuring students are well-mannered and well-informed in their favorite field.