For forming the foundation of developing towards harmony in intellectuality, physical fitness and mentality, students in Peace International School will participate in two pathways, Primary National Program and Cambridge Primary program.

Middle School

Harmonizing with the curriculum of education and training Ministry and the Cambridge International Standardized English Program aims to develop the comprehensive education for students. The purpose of the active and student-centered teaching methods is to promote individual competencies and improve teamwork, communication skills, arguing and solving problem skills. At the end of middle and high school education, students sit for Cambridge International Certificates (A1 through B1), communicate in academic context and social life.

PEACE Life Skills

According to UNESCO, three components of human capacity are: Knowledge, skills and attitudes. The two following elements belong to life skills, which play a decisive role in shaping one's personality, spirit and success. It can be said that life skills will be indispensable for every individual and especially students - the future leaders of the country. Peace International School attaches great importance to the incorporation of Life Skills into the school as a core course. The program helps students develop the skills they need to cope and effectively solve the challenges and changes of everyday life. The program also contributes to form and develop psychological and social skills which are decisive for acts and behavior of the students. This is not only a subject but also a useful playground for students with new knowledge about life, and the environment for them to interact with friends, adapt in all circumstances. Program Purposes The PEACE Life Skills Education Program is designed to provide primary, middle and high school students an experiential and practical learning environment, supply knowledge, value and skill which are suitable for each age, help students to improve their own skills, self-control to adapt to life, self-confidence and self-expression. Modern training method Teaching methodology is linked to create experience and student-centered, more than 70% of class time is devoted to group exercises, group discussions, stories, meaning games, experience exchanges and problem solving in real life situations. Contents Peace Life Skills Training Program includes: Communication Skills – Life Integration Self-Protection Skills Gender Cognitive Skills School Behavioral Skills Teamwork Skills Emotional Control Skills Problem Solving Skills Decision Making Skills Target Setting Skills Information Gathering and Processing Skills Leadership Skills

PIS Talent Program

PEACE Talent Development Program was created with the goal of accomplishing the mission of "Perceive Endowments, Advance Creativity and Excellence" to help improve the skills needed for global citizens as well as to stimulate the excitement and passion to develop individual talents. This program is seamlessly integrated with the National Program by MOET and the Cambridge English Program. Practical Experience and Career Guidance Activities This is a hands-on experience activity integrating with each topic from course subjects that helps students apply the knowledge they have learned in class, the context experiences, the textbook situation. Thereby, they will inculcate knowledge better and build up their own learning methods that are suitable for themselves. With the teaching method attached to reality - the school's experience travel program will bring the values: RESPONSIBLE - DYNAMIC - CREATIVE - EFFICIENT - SUCCESSFUL, at the same time, inspire students to orient their future careers. Optional Foreign Language Learning In addition to English, the school also offers optional foreign languages: French, Japanese and Korean according to student’s registering and studying abroad consultancy. PEACE Talent Development Peace talents development creates an ideal environment for members to share and discover new and interesting things in many fields of interest to them: Art, Painting, Music, Engraving, Sports and other soft skills.The program is organized with the guidance of professional trainers aiming to give them a useful and practical playground, ensuring students are well-mannered and well-informed in their favorite field.


First Christmas at Peace International School
First Christmas at Peace International School

In the cold weather of winter, the familiar melody of "Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way ..." has echoed through the streets, people eagerly greet Christmas, especially children, they always expect to receive gifts from Santa Claus.


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