"Fountain of Love" - 20/10 Activity at Peace International School

07:52 | 24-10-2017 1237 lượt xem

“Don’t make your mother cry or sad” – a simple but meaningful message to those whose mothers are still alive must know the importance of Family Love. This is also the subject of the program on the occasion of Vietnamese Women’s Day - October 20 for students at 18:30 on 16/10/2017 in Hall, at Peace International School.

The students participating in the program are enjoying the performance by the school's teachers, especially the play "Mother's Love" has entered the heart of every student through the naive tears rolling on their cheeks to make them feel their mothers’ care, love and sacrifice more deeply. As a result, they will feel true joy in having a mother and are hugged in their mothers’ arms.

Besides, Ahn Jung Min – a 10th grade student whose mother died, said in tears: “Thanks to the school for giving me a precious night to remember my mother even though it is only through her last photo, and to help me express my true feelings for my mother, this is especially, also an opportunity for me to think and understand family love, especially, mother-and-child love!”.

Mrs. Le Thi Hong Phuong, mother of Tran Viet Nguyen Anh – a student at class 6.1, after participating in the program expressed her feeling: “The tears have rolled down on our children’s cheeks ... crying ... crying… they cried so much .... crying because they still have mothers, crying because their mothers have gone so far.... crying for remorse, crying for late apologies, crying ... because they made their mothers sad ... And I cried, I cried for my daughter and my own happiness, because we have just received a great moral lesson that will follow our children throughout lives – PIOUS. Sincerely THANK YOU for the staff of PEACE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL who gave us a very meaningful and happy program!”

Mrs. Phan Thi Phuong Thao who has two children named Tran Trong Nhan, class 9.1 and Tran Trong Nghia, class 7.1 who are studying at the school, sent her appreciation after the program: "Thanks to the teachers of Peace International School for bringing us the sympathetic and warm moments.”












The program for activities of " FAMILY LOVE" passed quickly but brought to Tran Viet Nguyen Anh, student at class 6.1 with various feelings of happiness, sadness, regret, etc. understanding the sweetness of "mother’s love", she wrote in her handmade card some words of appreciation to her mother, enclosed with a family photo and a rose.
Happiness like breaking down when the child gives her mother the rose, says in tears: “I love you, mommy.”, then hugs her mother... And so the happy atmosphere of the program closed very gently but full of sacred emotion of mother-and-child love!

Nhu Ngoc