Smartphone and Books

07:26 | 11-12-2017 1217 lượt xem

When mentioning smartphones, you may immediately think about the considerable innovation and development of science and technology and when mentioning books, you may think about the treasure trove of human knowledge that humans created to disseminate and store experience and understanding of all aspects of life.

Besides reading books in the traditional way, nowadays you can own thousands of books with just your smartphone. Let’s explore the meaningful things in your real life.

Nowadays, almost all people own smartphones with special and outstanding features. However, not everyone knows how to use smartphones in the most effective ways.

Modern electronic devices help people improve their quality of life if they do not overuse such equipment. In reality, we are using smartphones and abusing them just by viewing things which are not really worthy and valuable. Surfing the websites, chatting on Facebook, Zalo, etc. for many hours a day for just the purpose of entertainment. Are we entertaining ourselves too much?

Many people suppose that entertainment is positive but “What is also not too good”. First of all, we are going to mention some bad effects experienced when we are addicted to smartphones and use smartphones without control.

Insomnia, depression, worries, increase of stress

The facts show that children are more likely to stay up late and get up late because they have ‘a friend’ that always accompanies them anywhere and anytime. They consider smart phones as an inseparable thing. Because of that chumminess, they are seriously destroying their health. According to The Health Site, the light from cell phone is processed by organs in the body in the same way as in day time. If you use your cell phone before going to bed, you may have a considerable risk of insomnia.

Moreover, spending too much time using smart phones may cause worries, or more seriously it even may cause depression. According to the research from the Northwestern University in America, people suffering from depression usually use smart phones for about 68 minutes a day whereas normal people just use smart phones for about 17 minutes a day.

Finger, twist and neck injury

If you use smart phones more than 6 hours per day, your fingers and wrists will be severely injured.

Furthermore, texting too much may cause severe hand pain, swelling, decreased strength and range of motion because of a pinched nerve. Those with pain tended to text while hunched over, a position that puts strain on the neck and upper back muscles.

Eye and vision problems, bacterial infections

Looking at the screen of a smart phone for a long time can cause dry eyes, eyestrain, red eyes, night blindness, colorblindness or retinal disorders.

The research from Arizona University shows that cell phones carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats. While toilets tend to get cleaned frequently, because people associate the bathroom with germs, cell phones and other commonly handled objects – like remote controls – are often left out of the cleaning routine. 

Regular use of mobile phones and cancer risk

Recently, in May, 2014, French scientists had a report warning that people using cell phones are at a high risk of some kinds of brain cancers. The French scientists realized that people who use a cell phone more than 15 hours per month are at twice or three times higher risk of endothelloma dural and neurogliosis in comparison to those people who do not use cell phones very often.

As a result, cell phone abuse not only damages your health but also has a great impact on your mentality. Therefore, how to use cell phones in an effective way so as to maintain good health and take advantage of useful functions of cellphones?

The most important thing is that we should limit the time we use smart phones and define the purposes of using smart phones as effectively as possible. Let’s use smart phones for reading news, finding information related to working and studying, or at higher level, use smart phones as a useful book.

From the past to present, people have been accessing the news through books, newspapers and magazines. That sounds unbelievable but the knowledge in those rudimentary means helped to create a lot of geniuses of humanity. Nowadays, why don’t we take advantage of science and technology to develop our knowledge and realize our dreams for the future?

In the matter of accessing information, we have more advantages than people in the past in many ways: firstly, books, newspapers and magazines are more and more varied and popular in all aspects of life; secondly, we can read electronic books, listen to audio books without paper books; thirdly, besides using paper books, magazines or newspapers, we can also get a lot of information or useful books through a smart phone connected to the Internet.

Finding and getting information are vital demands of people but not everyone knows how to find or choose the necessary information for their work and study. We surf the Internet and have access to any websites we come across and that means we are wasting our precious time.

If we pay attention to the purposes of getting information or find useful books to read, we will receive a lot of unbelievable benefits.

We will list some positive effects when we find useful information from books, magazines and newspapers:

Get rid of anxiety and distress in expressing one’s ideas

We are very good at discussing or commenting about a hot issue on social network but we hum and haw if we come across the same questions in reality. We can understand or feel but we cannot express our ideas in speaking. That is due to the restriction of language and expressive language skills. Reading books can help you improve these skills and it also help you get better mentally, improve vocabulary and expressing of ideas.

Reading books to have more subtle perception

You are interested in science, just read books about it; or if you are bored with uninteresting history, just read books about political strategies of famous and great politicians; you suppose that literature is unpractical and frivolous, just read some masterpieces about wars to feel its cruelty and devastation or read about fallow lands where people have to struggle with hunger, poverty and desperation in their everyday life so you will understand and know more about human life, etc.

All subjects have their own attractive and wonderful things, we should read books to discover those things which are still mysterious.

Ways to refresh yourself every day

You will make other people – or generally, the whole world – be intrigued by you. Your teachers, friends, cousins and relatives or any people around you will be amazed by what you say about new things that you get from books. Every day, when you read a page of a book, that means you are accumulating your knowledge day by day.

Ways to discover your hidden potential abilities

Reading books helps people discover their hidden potential abilities. Are you so bad or perhaps you have not discovered your own hidden potential abilities and real values? “No one is totally good and no one is totally bad” or “To err is human”. Everyone has his own strong points, and the point is that he still has not found them yet.

Just read various kinds of books about science, art, literature, mathematics, astronomy, geography, etc. and you may find something useful to support your future career.

Just change yourself by reading books every day and do not waste your time because “Time and tide wait for no man”.

Hanh Tien