Middle School

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Harmonizing with the curriculum of education and training Ministry and the Cambridge International Standardized English Program aims to develop the comprehensive education for students. The purpose of the active and student-centered teaching methods is to promote individual competencies and improve teamwork, communication skills, arguing and solving problem skills. At the end of middle and high school education, students sit for Cambridge International Certificates (A1 through B1), communicate in academic context and social life.

Education and Training Ministry Program

The optimized program focuses on integrating innovative experiences and ethics education. This method reduces pressure and equips students with basic academic skills in order to participate in the higher education and choose the certain career. 

Cambridge English Program

Students are taught together with native teachers who are dedicated, highly qualified, experienced and proficient in the use of technology in teaching. In particular, the text books are selected from the most up-to-date publishers to create excitement for students in line with the trend of times. 

Communicative English Program:

Completion of the Middle Education program, students take the B1 exam under the European Framework of Reference (CEFR) recognized in most countries around the world. They can also take the IELTS exam and gain 4.0 to 5.0 IELTS.

IELTS Certificate:

IELTS classes are designed specifically for students who want to study abroad. Students take placement tests and get into appropriate level of classes to get the best results. 

Middle and High School Program provide students lots of experience-based activities in all subjects; students will have opportunities to study and experience outside the classroom every month. Students of Peace International School will join English classes in restaurants, trade villages, shopping centers, etc. to practice English communication in real life. History will become lively and interesting when studying at local historical sites, museums, or visiting former soldiers, etc. Geographic knowledge of local economy or economic strength of the Mekong Delta will be practiced in a compelling way through visiting to craft villages, factories, manufacturing facilities and ecotourism. Also, knowledge of physics, biology, chemistry, math is integrated in fun activities, quiz during the tour. They will visit the process of producing some fermented products from microorganisms. In particular, students can calculate the distance, time, and velocity of vehicles, acreage and productivity of a rice field. These activities help students to experience reality, absorb knowledge actively and effectively.

With the motto "Happy School - Teaching and Learning with happiness," Peace International School always organizes the classrooms in an integrated way, creates a lively atmosphere to help students get knowledge.